Geographical Area

martTuls is currently based and officed in Lagos Nigeria with registered schools from different locations here in Nigeria. We are planning on reaching schools, organisations and institutions located in the most remote places in the world. Our Vision is to reach out to every Educational body be it Private or Government.
This platform has a school base stretched from the North to South, East to West. You can check out already registered schools with there locations included. Our Team are working round the clock to make this platform a great one. Our strategy is based on the satisfaction of every user of this platform.
martTuls will always welcome suggestions, criticisms and any form of feedback from our customers. Please always feel free to contact us if need arises.

martTuls functions like a Master key which unlocks most Educational problems and simplifies day to day activities of Institutions, Schools and or Educational bodies. SmartTuls is an Educational tool developed to enable any educational institute to manage its Organization.

Educational Institutions that can use SmartTuls are:
  • Professional Institutes e.g. ICAN, IPM, APCON, ACCA etc
  • Specialized Academics e.g. Music school, Ballet classes, language classes etc.
  • Distant learning Institutes
  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • College of Educations
  • Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools
  • Nursery and Primary schools
  • Crèche and Preschools
  • A level educations

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