About US

martTuls is a web-based Educational management system, Online school directory, Student information management system, School administration solution, Student administration system, Learning management system, Educational social media and Alumni management tool unified on a platform to ease every educational institute’s task. Whether high, middle or low social economic class they all have a great and equal privilege to be on the platform. martTuls is an Educational community where schorlars and every kind of professionals communicate sharing informations and ideas beneficial to them and the society at large.

martTuls functions like a Master key that unlocks most Educational problems and simplifies day to day activities of Institutions, Schools and or Educational bodies. SmartTuls is an Educational tool developed to enable any educational institute to manage its organization.

Educational Institutions that can use SmartTuls are:
  • Professional Institutes e.g. ICAN, IPM, APCON, ACCA etc
  • Specialized Academics e.g. Music school, Ballet classes, language classes etc.
  • Distant learning Institutes
  • Universities
  • Polytechnics
  • College of Educations
  • A level Educations
  • Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools
  • Nursery and Primary schools
  • Crèche and Preschools
martTuls is used by Teachers, Parents, Students, School Administrators and Educational Bodies/Groups to facilitate learning and seamless communication. SmartTuls is designed to increase productivity, improve communications, and reduce time and costs. To make school operations more efficient, martTuls is used for variety of academic and management-related tasks. martTuls is Web-based, designed for use with personal computers (PCs) and compatible with handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It provides real-time reporting and track student enrollment, produce report cards and progress reports, and to verify course completion. Nursery, Primary, Colleges, and training centers can use SmartTuls for tracking, recording and reporting grade point averages (GPAs). Teachers, Professors, Instructors, and aides can use this Paltfrom for tasks such as lesson planning, attendance taking, and grade keeping. SmartTuls Web-based education management software is designed for use in a browser or with a handheld device. Typically, this type of educational solution provides information about the curriculum and course offerings and grades or correct student responses to test questions. This Platform includes applications and programs for both school administration, communications with staffs, parents, students and other educational stakeholder.

Samson chisom


Chief Programmer